Seminar for Singles!

As what the title is, yea, I’m single. There! Added info, huh. I know I don’t have any readers, this blog is a bit funny ’cause no one really knows who am I so who will bother reading blogs from an anonymous person. I really made a blog for me to share some of my stories to myself since I’m not the type of person who’ll text or call my friends just to catch up. I’m shy to share personal stuffs. Am I that introvert? Actually I’m a very undefined person. I’m not into sharing my so so stories, its just nice that I’m writing this blog it’s as if there’s someone I’m talking to, actually there’s none. This is dedicated to me by me. Believe it or not. I’m very very very talkative. Anything under the sun, I’m game. But not regarding my life. I guess the best definition of me is secretive. That’s it! So before my story of being single spread across the globe, where am I? Yea, I’ll be attending this Singles’ Seminar of CCF. I’m a bit busy a while ago so I didn’t get the full details of the seminar. I’m really really excited about it! I really hope Pastor Bong Saquing will be one of the seminar’s speakers. Hope to see you there!

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