No news is indeed good news!

Actually this is a veeeeeeeeery late post. Things went well. Thank you Lord! You’re the best! My flight is already booked. And I’m leaving!!! Thank you Lord! I’m so happy that all I can think of saying is thank you! Been busy with some stuffs which is why my blog is sad as this weather is. It’s been raining cats and dogs.

The other day I was about to blog but something hinder me. My ultimately messy song list has driven me insane. I have lots of folders and some of the songs were even doubled. I downloaded it for like a couple of times and forgot that I already have that song. So here is what has happened. I was about to grab my phone and blog, then I grab my ipad to sync it with my laptop and like a lightning it hit me that my songs were is such a mess. I didn’t grab my phone. I faced the laptop and type. The artists first, a dash, and the title of the song. For 500++ songs. I did it one by one. I slept for like 6AM. I could already smell the bacon and eggs. Could hear the shower which means my brother is already up. Staying up whole night is so usual for me. But not the typing thing. Lesson learned. NEVER EVER make a song lists / folders if you can’t organize it!

Thank you again Lord! I love you!

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We always sin. That’s a fact. But I just sinned. I don’t know why I didn’t feel anything weird. I felt the pain that I’ve been enduring by myself. The pain I don’t want others to notice. I can now breathe freely. Sorry for those that I’ve caused pain. I didn’t mean to do that. Not even a single thought of hurting anyone. Sorry Lord for that. Very very sorry.

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Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

I received the email a while ago. And I made it! Thank you Lord! Sorry for almost losing my trust, you just showed me that you’re always there for us, whatever happens. And you always wants the best for each and everyone of us. Never have I thought of wanting something this much, and being this grateful. During those times that I’m very down, you’re the only one who’s always listening. Thank you for this Dear God. GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS! Once again, Thank you and I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

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In life, we should stop hoping and start believing.
-Girl from Kryptonite

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Spring Waltz

“If you truly love and miss that person, Then, love will come again when you meet that person again. Just like playing a game of hide and seek, No matter where he/she hides or even if you can’t see him/her, He/she must be waiting at some place for you. Amid the countless chaos, Just like the sincere prayers of love. The people in love will surely meet again.”

– Park Eun-Young (taken from episode 1 of Spring Waltz)

As for my past time. I’m so into Asian series. So for now, I’m into this Spring Waltz. The song One Love is something to die for.

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I’m very sad. I want to runaway but I just can’t. Help me Lord.

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please Lord give me that. Please. Thank you!

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