This Little Crazy Thing

Crazy Little Thing Called Love is indeed ‘little’ movie that will definitely make you go crazy! Thai, Chinese, and German descent actor Mario Maurer (Shone) and Thai model and actress Fern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul (Nam) stars in the movie Singleklek Teereakwarak (First Love), also known as Crazy Little Thing Called Love (in other Asian countries). This romantic-comedy reminded me of my high school life and love. My so called first love. Well, not the same with the movie that he’s famous and all that, but he really did get my attention. For me, honestly, he’s not handsome. He’s sweet and funny and caring and everything. That’s how I fell for him. At first I really hated his appearance and attitude, he’s whiter than me (imagine?) and he’s very shy type. But thinking of someone all of a sudden will make you wonder why right? Unexpected things happened and after 3 months that he’s gone (not dead,okay? Gone in a sense that he’s not there anymore for me). That’s when I figured out that ‘I guess I just fell for him, and he’s not there anymore’. Late realizations and regrets are those you’ll surely hate. Oh well, that’s life. He’s happy now, very happy with someone I know. And of course, I’m very happy now that they’re both happy. Like what most of the contestants in the beauty pageant say, ‘World Peace’. Let’s just wish everybody happiness! YOU GUYS NEED TO WATCH THIS!

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