Something has happened. They emailed me asking if I will still continue my 2:30pm meeting, but as far as I remember, it was scheduled 4pm. Was really very shocked to read the email. I hope everything will be okay. Lord help me please. You know how badly I want this.

* I missed their calls (with -s, calls) yesterday and a while ago due to my negligence. I was in a middle of an important meeting again. Help me God. I really don’t know what to do. Please Lord. I can’t do anything without you. So please Lord. Thank you!

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How in the world will it be possible for me to ask permission tomorrow? My parents are really different. Brain cells aren’t enough to get a good reason for them to say yes. Lord help. Please.

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PDF?? Help.

Help!! This PDF file will eat me alive. I’m not a techie person. I don’t even know why is it that hard to edit this PDF file. I’ve been sitting here waiting for downloads and there, still nothing! I need to edit this! I wanna cry!!!!!

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Blessings keep ’em coming!

Just finished doing half of something that will decide for my future. I’m really praying for this and I really wanted to do it. The person I talked to told me that I’m doing great and that he’s really looking forward for it tomorrow. I hope things will be the way I prayed for. It’s very nice to hear that from someone like him. I really really really pray this is it. Another one later. Pray for me again! Today I’m fully booked, I’m doing 2 important meetings today. The first half for the first one has just ended. Will be doing the second half tomorrow. My second meeting will be later 2pm. Pray for meeeee! I really want this! Thank you Lord!

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Family Matters

Maybe you’re not familiaer with him. Yesterday during the service, Pastor Bong Saquing shared a clip of Pastor Peter Tan-Chi about family relationships.

Intention doesn’t determine direction; Direction determines destination.
-Pastor Peter Tan-Chi

I love how he see life and everything that’s happening. Maybe he’s a very good father to his children. His words, actions, and aura shows how good he is as a father to his children and as a leader of our church.

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Seminar for Singles!

As what the title is, yea, I’m single. There! Added info, huh. I know I don’t have any readers, this blog is a bit funny ’cause no one really knows who am I so who will bother reading blogs from an anonymous person. I really made a blog for me to share some of my stories to myself since I’m not the type of person who’ll text or call my friends just to catch up. I’m shy to share personal stuffs. Am I that introvert? Actually I’m a very undefined person. I’m not into sharing my so so stories, its just nice that I’m writing this blog it’s as if there’s someone I’m talking to, actually there’s none. This is dedicated to me by me. Believe it or not. I’m very very very talkative. Anything under the sun, I’m game. But not regarding my life. I guess the best definition of me is secretive. That’s it! So before my story of being single spread across the globe, where am I? Yea, I’ll be attending this Singles’ Seminar of CCF. I’m a bit busy a while ago so I didn’t get the full details of the seminar. I’m really really excited about it! I really hope Pastor Bong Saquing will be one of the seminar’s speakers. Hope to see you there!

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love

#11. According to the mystics, this search for divine bliss is the entire purpose of human life. This is why we all chose to be born, and this is why all the suffering and pain of life on earth is worthwhile – just for the chance to experience this infinite love. And once you have found this divinity within, can you hold it? Because if you can … bliss.

Woah. Perfectly written. While I was browsing, I suddenly thought of something which lead me to this memory of mine. The movie of Julia Roberts’ Eat Pray Love. I’m trying to remember where I did watch this but I can’t believe that I can’t even remember where!

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