Make Up… up..up..up!

Today is Sunday! Worship Day! I wore black dress turned top and shorts (not short shorts) and been thinking what blush will match my black dress. It’s either my Dior blush: A Touch of Blush or Lancome ‘Blush Subtil’ Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush Amourose.

My Lancome blush was rated 4.3 out of 5 by’s members. See more here:

and my Christian Dior Dior Blush #829 – A Touch of Blush was rated 4.0 out of 5 by’s members. See more here:

Are you wondering what blush I use? I ended up using my Lancome over Dior. Unfair? No, it’s just that most of the time I’m using Dior when I’m wearing light colored dresses for me to look natural. That’s why I also wondered what in the world made me think of picking Dior over Lancome knowing the color of my outfit is black. Funny right? Stating the obvious. Hehe!

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